Keep bike insurance premiums down

Got your bike but low on dosh? You still need insurance before you can get your wheels on the road. Statistically, young drivers and riders – under the age of 25 – are more likely to be involved in a collision. That’s why insurers charge you more. Lucky for you, we know 10 smart ways to bag the best insurance deal for your two wheels:

1. Keep your wheels in a locked garage – off the road.

2. Avoid flash modifications – they’re very nickable and pricey to replace, so insurers charge to cover them.

3. Keep your mileage down – fewer miles means less risk. No road trips for a few years.

4. Don’t buy a high-performance bike.

5. Do an advanced course – insurers may lop off 15% for an Enhanced Rider Scheme or BikeSafe.

6. Ride sensibly to avoid points on your licence.

7. Fit an alarm and immobiliser.

8. Get a ground anchor and chain your bike to it.

9. Shop around – get at least three quotes to compare.

10. Look for deals – makers sometimes cut you a juicy deal. For instance, Kymco and Aprilia discount insurance for under 25-year-olds buying a new ride. Check the terms and conditions in case the premium rockets after a year.

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