Intensive driving courses

Intensive driving courses aim to have you on the road in under a week. On average you’ll have six hours of lessons each day, for five days; so that’s 30 hours of tuition crammed into less than a week. Phew!  Check out the driving schools that offer the courses and seek feedback.

“I passed my test first time after just three lessons when I was 18 and Mum and Dad gave me a car to help get me started, an old Nissan Pulsar. It was a real clapped-out, little car,” says England cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

Intensive learning isn’t for everyone so suss out the pros and cons before you book up and pay out…


·       Learn to drive, from novice to passing your test, in under a week.

·       Share lessons with another pupil and pay less.

·       Good for drivers who failed their first test; polish up your skills in just two days of lessons.

·       Back-to-back lessons mean there’s no time to forget your skills between sessions

·       Book a residential course and stay on-site – saves time!


·       Learning to drive and react safely to other drivers, takes time on roads.

·       If you share lessons with another pupil, you miss out on undivided attention.

·       Intensive courses can be exhausting – you’ll need plenty of sleep to keep alert through six hours of tuition.

·       No time to practise skills between lessons or to reinforce new driving skills.

·       Cost – you’re looking at around £800 paid up front.

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