How to buy a helmet

As a biker, your helmet is the most important piece of safety kit you own, so setting aside a decent amount of your budget to get a good one is essential.

All helmets sold in the UK must satisfy either British Standard 6658: 1985 or ECE Regulation 22.05 standards – you can check whether it does by looking for a label inside the helmet or on the shell.

To make sure you buy the best helmet possible, you can also go to the website and have a look at the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (SHARP), which tests helmets and rates their performance. Anything which gets their full five star rating would be a good choice.

Always try and get a helmet in a bright colour, so other road users can see you coming, and make sure it comes with a visor with ECE, CE or BSI approval. In daylight, the visor can be tinted up to 50% but at night you have to wear a clear visor.

Make sure the helmet fits before you buy it – it should feel snug around the cheeks and hug your head. If it moves around when you move your head it’s too big. You should wear it for a few minutes before you buy to make sure it’s comfortable an that there are no tight spots or pressure points.

Once you’ve made your purchase, make sure you look after your helmet by cleaning it regularly, storing it in a helmet bag and taking care not to drop or knock it. Don’t personalise it with stickers either as the adhesives can weaken the shell, reducing its effectiveness in a crash.

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