Going round the bend

Losing control while trying to going round a bend is one of the leading causes of accidents involving motorcyclists. Left-hand bends are generally more dangerous than right-hand ones, because if you lose control you generally end up sliding into oncoming traffic.

However, although losing control is always a risk when you’re out on your bike, there are five steps which you should bear in mind to help minimise your risk of getting into an accident.

1. Information

Make sure you’re aware of everything going on in front of and behind you, and allow for changes in the road surface and the effect weather conditions will have on the road.

2. Your position

Position yourself so you have the best view of the bend and the road ahead. Be prepared to change position if the situation changes as you go round the bend.

3. Your speed

Always adjust your speed before entering the corner, not while negotiating the bend.

4. Choose the right gear

Getting the right gear gives you control and allows you to use the throttle to react to a situation.

5. Stopping distance

You should be able to stop in the distance you can see will remain clear, and on your side of the road.

Watch below for what can all too easily happen when cornering:

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