Driving test nerves

Before a driving test, everyone gets more nervous. But, remember: your instructor wouldn’t have put you up for the test if you weren’t ready.

“It was just a huge relief to have passed my test and I just looked forward to driving myself to training in my new car,” Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney.

Remember, some nerves are good; they keep you alert. But here are our top five easy ways to control your nerves so they don’t nobble your best driving skills:

1. Treat the test like a normal driving lesson. Imagine the examiner is just a replacement instructor. And remember the routines you’ve practised countless times in lessons; you’re being tested on exactly the same skills.

2. Book the first test of the day – your nerves won’t have time to build up.

3. Don’t expect a chinwag with your test examiner – they’re a quiet bunch. Don’t let the silence put you off; just concentrate on listening to instructions and on driving safely.

4. If you’re in a tizz, do breathing exercises: slowly and deeplyin through the nose; hold the breath; then slowly out through the mouth.

5. Don’t tell all your mates your test date: that way you won’t build up expectation to the size of Epping Forest.

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