Choosing an instructor

Driving lessons are expensive – around £25 per hour – so shop around for the best. Don’t just choose Bob’s Dad from Basildon. Only an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or a licensed instructor under training can charge for lessons. ADIs have a green badge in their windscreen, from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA); instructors under training have a pink DSA badge.

When you pay for an ADI, you pay for their expertise. They will have passed a tougher driving theory test than a learner driver takes, they’ll have held a full driving licence for four years and they are regularly tested by the DSA, which awards grades: six for very high standard; four for competent.

It’s a good idea to compare three instructors in your area. Try to get a recommendation from friends or family for a patient, good instructor. Some questions to ask:

• How much is a lesson? And how long is a lesson?
• How many lessons must you buy in a bundle?
• Any discounts available? Especially for the first lesson to check you like the instructor?
• What type of car will you learn in?
• What is the instructor’s pass rate?
• Will you get extra software or books to prepare for the theory test?

If your instructor has his previous learner in the car when he picks you up and you drive to collect his next customer, he’s using your lesson for his benefit.  Make sure you pay for his time and not part of someone elses lesson.

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