Bike maintenance

Get in the habit of giving your motorbike a weekly maintenance check. From the tyres to the handlebars – if you keep it in good nick, it’ll run better and safer.

  • Drive chain: oil it to guard against wear. Check the tension is correct (your handbook will tell you what this is).
  • Rear wheel: alignment. The wheels should be straight or they can wear unevenly.
  • Cables: check these aren’t getting pinched or caught by handlebars moving fully from left lock to right lock.
  • Cleaning: wash and clean your bike, especially in the filthy winter. Keep all lights and mirrors especially clean.
  • Fluids: check the oil, coolant and brake fluid are all a-ok.
  • Tyres: check for pressure (your bike manual will tell you the correct setting), good tread and general damage.
  • Lights: they should all work.
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