Bike security

Thousands of motorbikes and mopeds are pinched in the UK each year – a whopping 80% of them from homes. There are 10 ways to stop thieves casing your bike.

1. Engage the steering lock – it will slow down or stop a thief.

2. Park smart – out of sight in a garage, or if you must park on-street, leave your wheels under a streetlight.

3. Use a chain and lock – and chain it to a ground anchor, even inside a garage. Concrete-in is the best, or bolt-down.

4. Look out – thieves often pinpoint bikes on the move and follow them ‘til they’re parked.

5. Use a tatty cover – an old bike cover over a flash, new bike may deter a thief.

6. Sabotage your bike – remove the spark plug or HT cap when you’re parked.

7. Fit a disc lock and better still, a cable lock (nice’n’light to carry) that you can loop around a lamp post or similar.

8. Mark your bike with Datatag or AlphaDot, and display the stickers on your bike. The police can trace it.

9. Fit an alarm. Paging alarms will alert you if your bike is moved.

10. Mix up your parking spots if you have a regular destination, like the station or work.

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