Bike insurance explained

Why do you need bike insurance? Because it’s the law, and it protects you and other road-users. If the police find you without bike insurance – and they can do spot checks – they can fine you £5,000, take away your licence or slap you with six points. It’s not worth skipping insurance.

Bike insurance comes in categories, depending on what type of bike you’re ridin’. So, while you’re unlikely to be revving up a high-performance Ducati just yet, make sure you get the right insurance for a scooter (up to 125 cc) or a moped (under 50 cc). There are three levels of insurance on offer:

1. Fully comprehensive

The most expensive insurance but, as the name suggests, fully comp covers the lot: you, your bike – repairing or replacing it if it’s in an accident or is stolen – and it protects you against claims by another driver after a prang. Some policies cover you for riding other motorbikes, in an emergency and with the owner’s permission.

2. Third party, fire and theft

Only protects you against claims by another road user in an accident; it doesn’t cover your bike or injury to you in an accident. It does pay for damage to your bike in a fire, or if it’s stolen.

3. Third party

Cheapest and most basic. Only covers you for claims by another road-user if you’re in an accident and damage their bike/car or property, or you injure them. It does not cover your own bike.

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