‘End of an era’ as Katie Brimley retires

Colleagues from Essex County Council and Road Safety GB are paying tribute to Katie Brimley, who is retiring this week after nearly four decades of road safety service.

Katie has been with Essex County Council for the last 38 years, most recently as road safety manager for Essex Highways (a partnership between Ringway Jacobs and Essex County Council).

She has been instrumental in the county’s efforts to reduce casualties, including through the formation of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) in September 2015.

Nicola Foster, chairman of SERP, said: “Katie is known to so many people and is always wanting to build networks and friendships that make work not only more productive, but such fun. 

“Working with her for the last 33 years – and so closely for the last 16 or so – has been such a pleasure and privilege. 

“She has always challenged us, kept us at the forefront of road safety education, kept us on the straight and narrow through governance and financial control and represented us on the national stage. 

“She is truly a shining example of a council ‘servant’ and has always sought to provide value for money, excellent service and fairness in all things.

“Her sense of humour, kindness and thoughtfulness have supported us all through some difficult times of late.”

Katie has also served as Road Safety GB’s representative for the Eastern region for a number of years.

James Gibson, Road Safety GB executive director, said: “Katie has had a very long and successful career in road safety.

“She has achieved so much and contributed greatly to casualty reduction. In addition, Katie has been a good friend and colleague to many, including Road Safety GB. 

“Katie has been a regional rep for many years and her enthusiastic nature, balanced with the right amount of challenge, has always been welcomed. Everyone at Road Safety GB wishes her a long and happy retirement.”

Katie officially retires on 9 September. She says she is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren and to having the time to enjoy more travelling.

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