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There is a peak in child pedestrian injury collisions between the ages of 12-15 years. Pupils of this age often walk to school in groups and are easily distracted by peers, mobile phones and other personal communication or entertainment devices.

Theatre in Education – Year 7

Theatre in Education
‘Deadly Distractions’ is a contemporary, fast-paced and hard-hitting play using live drama, video footage and music, telling the story of three friends who are forced to face up to the real consequences of their reckless behaviour on the busy road they use to and from school.

A follow up discussion to explore the issues raised by the play to reinforce the key messages and to motivate students to take responsibility for keeping themselves and their friends safe.

Ghost Street – Year 8

Ghost StreetRoad safety presentation. The key topics covering distractions, seatbelts, cycle safety and speed, enable discussion about the hazards which are resulting in fatalities and serious injuries among young people. A range of facts and discussion points are provided, corresponding to each of the scenarios in the film.

Theatre in Education – Year 9

Perfect - a real life tragedy‘Perfect’ is based on a real life tragedy, using acting, narration, physical theatre.

It tells Anne’s tale; a powerful Road Safety message.

There are some hard-hitting themes contained within this play, including Anne’s eventual suicide.

Reality Road Show – Year 9

An interactive presentation about ‘Taking Risks on the Road’ showing how the audience’s behaviour on a bus, in a car on a cycle and as a pedestrian can have an impact on not only their own lives, but on that of their families and wider community.

They are reminded that they should not use their mobile phones when crossing the road and that it is their legal responsibility to wear their seatbelt from 14 years of age.

Theatre in Education – Year 11 ‘Dead End’

As their independence grows, students are likely to be making journeys with friends and siblings who are newly qualified drivers and who are the highest risk road user group for road traffic collisions. Safer Essex Roads Partnership commission a 5 week tour every year, comprising 50 hour long sessions to year 11 students via their schools.

Dead End is a powerful play dramatising the “Fatal 4” causes of road death (speed, seatbelts, mobiles, drink/drugs), as it portrays the stories of three characters, highlighting the consequences of their actions on the road:

  • After one night out with Chris, Michelle has to deal with the aftermath of grave injury to herself and coming to terms with her actions, and the death of a friend.
  • Rik, who caused death due to distraction, explores the causes for his crash in detail, along with the pain of responsibility for the death of a pedestrian as the result of his lack of concentration whilst driving.
  • Chris, who crashed the car Michelle was in, claims he was not at fault, that he could take the drink and drugs and still drive.  As the dialogue develops, attempts by Chris and Michelle to deny responsibility are turned on their head.  Only then do we realise Chris’ fate that night.

Theatre in Education

Delivered through monologues, theatrical action and imagery projected on screen, the audience is guided through the key messages. We see the build-up to and consequences of the crashes. Designed for the year 11 age group, the performance uses a ‘talking heads’ style, with descriptions of the accidents and the emotional scars.  This performance has been particularly effective as a means of communicating with Year 11 students, who have proved highly receptive to this sophisticated and emotive approach.

The performance lasts 30 minutes, and then moves directly into the workshop which lasts a further 30 minutes.

Lesson plans are also available with this drama.

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