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Are you a school or college student who is passionate about improving your own road safety, your peers safety, the surrounding environment and the local community? Then why not Volunteer to become a Road Safety Ambassador?

“Thank you all for being interested and involved in road safety. You will have different reasons for being involved and different ideas about how to encourage your friends, peer group and fellow pupils to think about their safety on the roads… Whilst we will give you as much help as we can, we want to learn from you and share the best ideas. From all of us in the Safer Essex Roads Partnership, a very big thank you.”
Nicola Foster, SERP

The Ambassador program gives you the opportunity to help your school and the community around it by using your imagination to produce posters, banners or videos that can be uploaded and shared online to inspire each other.

We would like you to spread the word through…

  • Promotional displays or write ups in school/college newsletters.
  • Ensure that information is posted on the interactive screens around the school/college and on the school/college website or social media
  • Or Work alongside the Partnership road safety staff when they visit your school/college.

We will support you with the various national and local campaigns and any ideas that you may have for a road safety campaign of your own.

This role is entirely voluntary.

This is an opportunity to add to your growing CV; if you’re a budding artist, presenter or the next Steven Spielberg and are looking for a project to pad out a portfolio, this is the project for you. If you have an idea that could save a life on the road, here is the place to share it.

If you have any questions please contact

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