This section of our website includes resources and information for pre-school leaders, teachers, parents, and others involved with educating children, broken down as follows:

• Pre-school
• Primary pupils
• Secondary pupils
• Sixth Form/Further Education
• Theatre in education & other presentations
• Bikeability and cycle training

Children learn safe behaviour through repetition and by following the good examples of adults around them, which is why we actively encourage parents, school staff and other professionals to become involved in this important learning process.

Other websites/resources


imgresTHINK! Education

THINK! Education includes a wealth of road safety information and resources for pupils, teachers and parents. Some of the resources will also be useful to road safety professionals and out of school groups.

roadsafety-week-indexRoad Safety GB

Road Safety GB produced a series of child road safety resources from pre-school age to teenage years. A majority of the resources are free and available to everyone.


CTC-GRAPHICChildren’s Traffic Club

The Children’s Traffic Club is a fun and interactive club for children under 5 years.

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