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If you have employees who drive as part of their job – we can help!

Whether a sales team, regional managers, service engineers, delivery drivers or even staff using their own cars for business journeys, the Driving for Better Business programme aims to help employers reduce work-related road risk.

Driving is widely recognised as one of the highest risk activities that most employees will ever undertake. Managing this risk is essential in order to protect drivers and other road users from harm, to fulfill the responsibility of company directors and to protect the reputation of the company itself.

The good news is, that if this risk is managed well, it will improve compliance with current legislation and guidance but can also bring significant benefits in terms of controlling costs and enhancing efficiency; in short – it makes good business sense!

Thanks to funding from Highways England we can offer this support free of charge to Essex businesses and organizations.

Use the contact detail on the right of this page to arrange a chat to establish how we can work together to reduce the number of ‘at work’ drivers involved in road collisions.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership offers the following consultations and training courses for businesses in Essex

Consultation and review of your current driving for work policy – is it fit for purpose?

Development and writing of driving for work policy.

Any business with five or more employees and whose staff drive for work are legally obliged to have a written policy in place. Our team of road safety experts can offer guidance and advice to help write your company’s driving for work policy.

Our team of can help:
• You manage occupational road risk whilst at work
• Advise on all policy issues
• Advise on compliance with policy guidance
• Explain the legal obligations surrounding driving for work

Our team of professionals are available to meet with you at your place of work to offer advice and information on the latest legislation and how this impacts your driving for work policy.

Managing Driving for Work

Theory based seminars for fleet managers, or health and safety professionals.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999), it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees at work, including driving for work in either a private or company vehicle.

Additionally, the Corporate Manslaughter Act reinforces the requirement of a company to comply with this existing health and safety legislation.

By working together, the Safer Essex Roads Partnership and local businesses can make a significant contribution to providing a safer environment for all road users.

Seminars, run by SERP for managers, health and safety officers and fleet managers, assist those responsible for managing driver safety and implementing health and safety policies within the company.

Topics covered are:
• Understanding of the legal requirements of work related road safety
• Understanding the risks associated with driving for work
• Ability to undertake road safety based risk assessments
• Knowledge of what constitutes a work related road safety policy and how to implement and enforce it

Business Driver training

This is a three-hour interactive workshop designed specifically for employees at all levels who drive for work.

The workshops can be carried out at the employee’s own work premises and aims to refresh skills and road sense.

Understanding the company driving for work policy

The course includes:
• Journey planning
• Fatigue at the wheel
• Distractions – mobile phones, Sat Nav etc.
• Innappropriate use of speed
• Drink/Drug Driving
• Driver Behaviour

Driving Assessments

Driving for work assessment provides you with the support, guidance and coaching necessary to help you to improve your driving.

Assessments will be in your own vehicle and last approximately one and a half hours. You will be given verbal feedback during the assessment and a written report will be sent to you by post.

On receipt of your application we will contact you to confirm the name of your assessor who will contact you directly to arrange your assessment.

Cancellations giving less than 48 hours’ notice to the assessor may incur a charge.

Young Drivers Assessments

Young/Apprentice/Novice drivers represent a disproportionate risk amongst the driving population.

Our driving assessments enable employers to be confident that their young drivers are competent and safe to be given the keys to company vehicles. Our professional assessors will conduct a one and a half hour practical assessment in a vehicle supplied by you commensurate with the vehicle the young driver will be expected to drive for business. The assessment will be made against a set criteria with attainment levels nominated by you, a written report will be supplied on completion. Should a young driver not attain the required standards then further driving lessons can also be provided.

Young Driver Workshops

Young drivers at work face, and create, a higher risk than other drivers because they are inexperienced as drivers and because driving for work is higher risk than driving for other reasons;

Our 3 hour workshop aims to help delegates to:
• Develop their knowledge about specific driving for work issues
• Gain insight about what influences their driving
• Understand how they can develop coping strategies for driving for work
• Share experiences and learn from each other

It also aims to help employers to understand the perspective of their young drivers and to review how well their driving for work policies are put into practice.

Motorcycle Training

Bespoke motorcycle training for the needs of your business.

Cycle Training

Bespoke cycling training and alternative transport consultation.

Contact us today to discuss your individual company driver training needs for any of the above.

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