Submit a driving complaint

The Extra Eyes team are currently working on an improved Webform that will allow a more efficient and simple method of uploading your submission. While this important work takes place regrettably the team will be unable to process all submissions.

Thank you for your interest in making the roads of Essex safer and we assure you that the team will be fully operational as soon as the work on the new Webform has been completed.

We will temporarily be assessing submissions and dealing with high end offences, while sending warning letters or using the submission for intelligence purposes for lower end offences.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period and for continuing to make the roads of Essex safer.

If you wish to submit a driving complaint and video footage of dangerous or illegal driving – there are now two steps you will need to take.

Step one – the incident report

Please complete an incident report form via the Essex Police website.

Step two – submit a video

Once you have completed the incident report form you will receive a Unique Reference Number (URN) by email, Please keep this safe as you will need this when submitting your videoplease note, you will not be able to submit a video without a URN.

Check case status

You can check the status of your video submission here – please allow at least 10 days after submitting your video.

Click here to find out more about the Extra Eyes Campaign.

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