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You can help us reduce collisions and casualties and make roads across Essex roads even safer by reporting instances of poor and dangerous driving.

Most of the people who use the roads across Essex do so responsibly and with care and consideration for others.

However, some road users occasionally behave irresponsibly or inconsiderately, and a smaller number behave like this regularly. These are the people most likely to cause a collision and present the highest risk of harm to themselves and others.

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How to submit a video

The submission of your video is now via a new site hosted by Egress. There is no longer any requirement to go to the Essex Police Website to obtain a unique reference number, your video can be input directly on this site, simply complete the details required and submit.

Essex Police will review your submission in line with current prosecution policies and the decision on how the matter is dealt with is final. Although Essex Police Staff are not able to discuss the outcome from your submission you can view its progress on the SERP website.

If the evidence submitted has been posted on any social media sites or YouTube then unfortunately we will be unable to process your submission as it may undermine the possibility of a fair trial if the case goes to court.

Submitting your video

If you wish to submit a driving complaint with video footage of dangerous or illegal driving – please click on the link below to the Egress website and follow the instructions.

Upload link to Egress

Check case status

You can check the status of your video submission here – please allow at least 10 days after submitting your video.

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