Do you or your friends or family drive at work?

The SERP team engaging with business owners

In recent times, we’ve changed how we shop – there are more home deliveries, and more drivers on the roads providing that service.

But did you know that between a quarter and a third of all road traffic collisions involve someone driving as part of their job?

Effective management of work-related road safety can help reduce risk.

SAFE DRIVER – Ensure drivers at work have been properly trained about road safety and that they are fit and healthy.

SAFE VEHICLE – Ensure that all vehicles used in work activities are maintained in a safe condition and fit for purpose

SAFE JOURNEY – Ensure that you plan your route thoroughly & allow sufficient journey time. Also consider and take account of weather conditions

Employers have duties under health and safety law for on-the-road work activities. These duties also extend to employees who use their own vehicle to make work related journeys.

Employers must, as far as possible, make sure that neither employees nor anyone else is put at risk by work related driving activities.

Iain Temperton, Business Road Safety Specialist for SERP, said: “We have worked with a number of businesses and organisations across Essex in recent months. Worryingly, many of them were leaving themselves open to the risk of legal action due to a lack of robust policy or risk assessment covering their travel activities.

“Just a small amount of time and our free guidance can resolve that, the potential benefits are safer and happier colleagues, reduced operating costs and a more robust legal position.”

Find out how we can help you by visiting Business drivers – SERP (

8 June 2022

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