Dash cam evidence leads to ten drivers being sentence

Dashcam footage submitted through the Extra Eyes initiative has led to a number of drivers facing the consequences of breaking highway safety laws.

Ten drivers received a total of 66 points on their licences after their cases were heard during a session dedicated to hearing driving offences at Colchester Magistrates’ Court last month.

Penalties handed out ranged from between five and nine points, with four drivers fined £660.

Four motorists were sentenced for careless driving offences following collisions.

Offences also included aggressive driving in heavy traffic and completing a U-turn on the A12 to enable exiting in the wrong direction on a slip road.

The special day of court listings came as a result of dash-cam and handlebar-cam footage uploaded to the Extra Eyes scheme.

The Extra Eyes initiative, launched in December 2017, provides a simple method for all road users to upload video evidence of potential road traffic offences to help improve road safety.

Having reviewed the footage Essex Police will take appropriate action. Options available to them include contacting the person caught on camera to explain what they did wrong and how they should have acted. In more serious cases where there is sufficient evidence the offender may be offered a driver retraining course, points and a fine or in the most serious cases face prosecution in court.

Click here to view a selection of Extra Eyes videos.

04 May 2023

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