New powers trialled to ensure roads get resurfaced first time around

SERP Essex road surfacing

Drivers who illegally leave their vehicle parked in such a way as to prevent road resurfacing could now face being fined or having their car moved under new powers.

Essex County Council is trialling the use of powers to move vehicles and issue the driver with a penalty charge notice (PCN) to help offset the cost of moving the vehicle.

The new powers are designed to save taxpayers’ money by preventing parked cars from delaying road resurfacing works.

On the rare occasion a car needs to be moved, crews will aim to relocate it to a safe and nearby alternative location. Crews will make efforts to contact the driver before moving the vehicle and will also inform the police of the vehicle’s new location after it is moved.

Cllr Ian Grundy, Essex County Council cabinet member for highways, has promised Essex Highways’ crews will take a ‘common sense’ approach to using these new powers, and will only deploy them when absolutely necessary.

Cllr Grundy said:

“Resurfacing is a vital way to keep our roads safe and in a good condition.

“Before we resurface roads our crews make every effort to contact residents – putting leaflets through doors, signs up on site and information online asking people not to park on the road.

“Crews can waste hours looking and waiting for drivers who park on roads during resurfacing works. In the worst cases, delays can cost up to £10,000 as we have to call crews and equipment back on a different day or evening.

“We will take a common sense approach when using these new powers. Moving a vehicle will always be a last resort after our crews have made every effort to find the driver of the vehicle.

“This way we hope to encourage people to move their cars before work begins and allow us to improve their roads.”

09 November 2017

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