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The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) held a poetry competition to help create awareness for the International  Project ‘EDWARD’ day on 21 September 2016. Project ‘EDWARD’ – European Day Without A Road Death was developed by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) in partnership with the European Commission, politicians, policymakers and road safety partners including the UK and was supported by 31 European countries.

The partners of SERP enjoyed reading all contributions and congratulate the authors of the two winning poems, one from children’s entries and one from the adults.

The winning children’s poem was written by Charlotte-May Hand from Beehive Lane school

Let’s Keep It Slow

Not too fast, let’s keep it slow.

Take care to look at the traffic flow.

At the zebra crossing you must stop.

If the people are waiting for the lollipop.

Pay attention, look out for signs.

Always stay within the lines.

Stick to the limits in the highway code.

Not too fast, let’s keep it slow.


The Winning poem in the adult section was written by Jackie Roerig:


Why do you need to drive so fast?

Life is so short so make it last.

A motorbike swerving round a bend

A life coming to an untimely end

Think of how your family will feel

To hear that you have died at the wheel

Is your job really that great

That you can’t slow down a bit and wait

A child steps out without a care

Suddenly flipped into the air

He lands so hard and hits his head

It is your fault that he is dead

So take a while to appreciate life

Go home each day and kiss your wife

Be thankful that you took the care

To slow your speed and be more aware

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