Collision data - word clouds

Word Clouds

Our word clouds show the most commonly used descriptive words from accident records for serious and fatal accidents that took place during 2015 (images courtesy of Each cloud shows the descriptive words that appear most frequently for each user group.

Adult car drivers aged 26-75 years

ACD 2015 cloud

Adult motorcycle riders aged 26+ years

AP2W 2015 cloud

Adult pedestrians aged 26-75 years

APed 2015 cloud

Child pedestrians aged 0-15 years

Child 2015 cloud

Adult cyclists aged 16+ years

Cyclist 2015 cloud

Older drivers aged 76+ years

OCD 2015 cloud

Young car drivers aged 17-25 years

YCD 2015 cloud

Young motorcycle riders aged 16-25 years

YP2W 2015 cloud