Choices for humanity

The #ChoicesForHumanity road safety campaign aims to encourage all road users to make better choices.

Here you can find more information about how you can stay safe on the roads of Essex

Check out the full collection of road safety messages below!

Click the links below for advice on a number of road safety related subjects:

  • Breaking down – best practice if your car breaks down
  • Collisions – what to do if you are involved in a road traffic collision
  • Drug driving – the new drug driving legislation introduced in March 2015
  • Mobile phones – the law, the penalties and the risks you run if you break the law
  • Motorway driving – advice to help you drive safely on motorways
  • Seatbelts – the law and the risks you run if you don’t wear one
  • Fatigue – the dangers of driving tired and tips to help you avoid doing so
  • Speed – why it’s important to stick to the speed limit
  • Winter driving – coping with snow, ice and other seasonal weather hazards

A message from the partners of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership:

“Our vision is to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Essex roads to zero. This campaign, devised by Dorset Road Safe, based on the humorous and sometimes contentious ‘Cards against Humanity’ game, is designed to draw everyone’s attention to the need to look out for those more vulnerable than themselves on the road.

“The need to protect the vulnerable and to look out for each other has never been more relevant and should be in every road users’ mind each time they make a journey.

“Most of us like to think we are a safe and considerate road-user, but sometimes other drivers, cyclists or motorcyclists do something we think they shouldn’t so we don’t leave them as much space as we could and we don’t slow down to give them more time. We contribute to the situation rather than resolve it and sometimes that can have horrendous consequences.

“There are likely to be more people using bicycles, motorbikes and walking as they return to work and we are asking everyone on the road to make the right choice for the road –it’s not a game. Your choice really can make a difference to the safety of others.”

Nicola Foster, Chairman of SERP

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