Child safety and new driver guides made available FOC

SERP good egg guides

Two road safety guides, focusing on in-car child safety and new drivers, have been made available for Essex road users to access free-of-charge.

The two Good Egg guides can be accessed via the Good Egg website, as a result of a collaboration with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership.

The award-winning In-Car Child Safety Guide provides advice on choosing the right seat for babies, toddlers and older children – with information on all the relevant rules and regulations.

The guide also highlights common fitting errors and explains the importance of wearing seatbelts.

The Good Egg New Drivers’ Guide provides young drivers with all the information they need to initially obtain a licence, and then keep it.

The guide explains the importance of choosing the right instructor – and the benefits of having additional supervised time behind the wheel.

The guide also runs through the different elements of the driving test, suggesting the best ways to prepare for both the theory and practice tests.

It explains why newly-qualified drivers at high risk, providing a number of tips on how to keep safe – covering issues including distractions, speed and winter driving.

14 November 2018

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